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Training Costs

Since 1993, the canadian working divers institute trains commercial divers at a reasonable cost.

All fees are in Canadian dollars and include tax. Use the Bank of Canada's Exchange Rate page to calculate the costs in your country's currency.

A DEPOSIT OF $500.00 IS REQUIRED to secure your spot: Payable to Canadian Working Divers Institute *We now accept Visa or MasterCard (for deposit only).

  • Tuition $20,500
  • $500 - applied towards tuition (non refundable, collected prior to signing of student contract)
  • Room & Board $4500
  • A DEPOSIT OF $1000.00 is required to secure your room and board with Chapleau Lodge.
  • $1000 - applied towards room & board (non refundable)

Books available for purchase through CWDI for an additional fee. The following books are required.

  • Professional Divers Handbook
  • Commercial Diver Training Manual
  • Commercial Divers Logbook
  • Pocket Ref (Thomas J Glover)

You will also need to obtain the following personal equipment.

  • Dry suit / repair kit - Suggested suit would be neoprene complete with thigh pockets. Push through wrist seals and neoprene neck seal. Please email us if you require more information regarding suit configuration.
  • dive knife (available for purchase at the school)
  • C.S.A. approved work boots
  • 8" and 12" adjustable wrenches
  • C.S.A. approved life vest
  • calculator (metric converter)
  • lined paper
  • ruler
  • water resistant work gloves (winter & spring)
  • Rain Gear and Warm Winter clothes, hats and mitts
  • digital watch with stopwatch (e.g. Timex Ironman)
  • uni-tool (e.g. - Leatherman)
  • flash light for tool belt (small)
  • three finger neoprene dive gloves (order when ordering dry suit)
  • safety glasses
  • Personal Towels and Toiletries
  • *We have laundry facilities on site but you do not need to bring laundry soap.
  • Hat liners for helmet (available for purchase at the school )

The Canadian Diver Training Standared(CSA Z275.5) is the highest and most robust diver training in the world.