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Since 1993, the Canadian Working Divers Institute trains commercial divers at a reasonable cost.

The Canadian Working Divers Institute trains commercial divers at a reasonable cost to compete in a growing industry, both nationally and internationally. The commercial diving industry demands travel, long hours, practical skills, self-motivation and strong work ethics and habits. It is not enough that a student enjoys diving; he/she must also enjoy the lifestyle that accompanies the career. This course gives the students the skills and knowledge expected by the commercial diving industry.

All in-water practical projects duplicate (not simulate) actual working environments. At C.W.D.I. projects include more complex underwater work and more time in the water than standards require.

The course consists of 12 consecutive weeks of intensive training. Each week will include:

  • 24 hours theory
  • 24 hours of diving
  • 12 hours of equipment maintenance as well as setting up and breaking down gear
  • 12 hours of independent study and tutoring


  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • C.P.R. and First Aid (valid to date)
  • SCUBA certification (open water)
  • Diving Medical - By a Hyperbaric Physician - listed at:

Job Placement:

C.W.D.I. has placement contracts worldwide. Due to the high quality of graduates some companies hire exclusively from our school. We have graduates working throughout South-east Asia, South America, Middle East, Europe and North America. Many graduates have been hired as divers the day of graduation.


The training facility is located about seven hours north of Toronto near the town of Chapleau, Ontario. You can take a look at the facility at The remote facility makes it ideal for our intensive six days per week, twelve hours per day training schedule. Equipment includes two barges, several vessels; two double lock hyperbaric chambers, a wide array of helmets, band masks, lift bags, compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic tools, winches, hot water suits and hand tools. We also have access to two hydraulic control dams and a wide range of underwater work sites and conditions including up to 195 feet of water for mixed gas diving.


Upon graduation you will receive an Unrestriced Surface-Supplied Diver Certification, from the Divers Certifcation Board of Canada (D.C.B.C).

This certification is recognized by:

  • the Health and Safety Executive(HSE North Sea Ticket)
  • the Diver Certification Schema from Australia
  • the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)
  • the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI)
  • the National Energy Board (NEB) of Canada
  • the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Boards

The Canadian Diver Training Standared(CSA Z275.5) is the highest and most robust diver training in the world.