Training Costs


All fees are in Canadian dollars and include tax. Use the Bank of Canada's Exchange Rate page to calculate the costs in your country's currency.





Room and Board: Separate agreement:
Shared accommodations supplied by Chapleau Lodge Ltd, which includes 3 meals per day, 7 days per week.





A DEPOSIT OF $1500.00 IS REQUIRED: Payable to Canadian Working Divers Institute *We now accept Visa or MasterCard (for deposit only).

Processing Fee ($200) *applied towards tuition


Room and Board ($1000) Non Refundable To Chapleau Lodge Ltd.

The total minus deposit ($23,500.00) is due on the first day of the course.

You will also need to obtain the following personal equipment.
· dry suit and repair kit with Poseidon valves
· dive knife
· C.S.A. approved work boots
· 8" and 12" adjustable wrenches
· C.S.A. approved life vest
· calculator (metric converter)
· lined paper
· ruler
· Rain Gear and Warm Winter clothes, hats and mitts
· digital watch with stopwatch (e.g. Timex Ironman)
· surface knife (e.g. - Leatherman)
· flash light (e.g. - small Mag light)
· three finger neoprene gloves
· safety glasses
· Personal Towels and Toiletries
· *We have laundry facilities on site but you do not need to bring laundry soap.

Suggested Equipment
· light wet suit
· work gloves