Canadian Working Divers Institute has moved to a superior campus, Chapleau Lodge, Chapleau Ontario on Borden Lake.





Donít worry about getting to the school you can drive or thereís a shuttle bus that leaves on August 8th/17 at 7:00am from the Comfort Inn on Airport road in Mississauga, Ontario. (905-677-7331) This is not the school this is just a hotel you can stay at to catch the bus to the school. If you want to book a room, just email Zeva at: zzecono@hotmail.com, tell her you are going to be a student at Canadian Working Divers Institute, Students get a reduced rate at the hotel. (This is not the school)!!


Deep-Sea Diver, Underwater Welder, Oilrig Diver, Construction Diver, Hard Hat Diver, call it what you will, there are few internationally certified divers in the world. And the world is your jobsite, or at least 2/3 of it anyway.

We have trained Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers for 22 years.

We have run 42 Unrestricted Surface-Supplied courses, and trained over 500 divers so far from 25 countries.

We are Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

We are approved by: - Divers Certification Board of Canada -The National Energy Board, -The Provincial Offshore Petroleum Boards, -HSE, -IMCA, - -Ministry of Employment and Immigration. We exceed all US Federal and State standards.

The emphasis is on practical, hands-on training with up to date marine construction and offshore techniques. This facility will give a competitive edge to diving personnel through the cost effectiveness of receiving this training in a real life Commercial Diving environment. Write off the 12 weeks and get it done.

On a normal day at CWDI the students get up at 05:30 have a snack and start class at approximately 5:55. We break from 08:00 to 08:30 for breakfast. We then head out on the barge for a day of diving on practical projects that duplicate (not simulate) actual working environments. Lunch is served on the barge (we do not stop for lunch) and we are back and tied up by 18:00. Dinner is served and itís time to get into your homework or get extra help from one of the instructors. Or you could always go fishing.

*Please note that just like the industry start times may vary!!!!

Running 12 hours per day, 6 to 7 days per week, the 12 week program has very little time for diversions. If you canít do it here, you canít do it offshore! The diving barges are moored close to the classroom, lounge, shops, offices, and galley and living facilities. We have 200 feet of water, 300 meters from the College. There is road access to the new facility, which is a big change however it is still quite isolated. There will be only one course offered per year, with 21 seats and we will still maintain our 5/1 student/teacher ratio.

We are a private corporation with a goal of maintaining the best entry-level commercial diver training facility in the world. Training to and exceeding the ďCanadian Standards Associationís Z275.5 Diver Training GuidelinesĒ being the highest standards in the world, gave us a good start.

Gord Hay, Diver/Chief Instructor chairís this standard.



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